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Thanks for checking in for updates to my book!

Thus far, ninety days after publication, the main updates needed are to


Standalone plug-and-play VR is finally here. The Vive Focus and Oculus Go will be delivered this way and late this spring.

Kopin Is First To Market Stylish AR Glasses

Pop Culture

Steven Spielberg’s movie “Ready Player One” is an instant sci-fi classic (not all critics agree with me).

Location-Based VR (LBVR)

Location Based VR Revs Up The New Year

And the continued development of the AR Cloud and Computer Vision, the combination of which will enable wearable, invisible computing and a Universal Visual Browser (UVB):

Who Is Seeding The AR Cloud

6D.ai Announces Funding To Build the AR Cloud

The best way to keep track of continued updates to the incredible developing story of VR & AR is to follow my stories on Forbes.

Charlie Fink
April 1, 2018

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