Remote Collaboration & Virtual Conferences: The Future of Work (eBook)


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Join Professor Charlie Fink and his Chapman University VRAR340 “XR Landscape” students who, in the Spring of 2020, explored the ascendancy of the video call during the Coronavirus crisis. Ultimately, they reviewed 120 companies, exploring options for conferences, training, education, and remote team collaboration. They made a profile for each platform, creating a comprehensive directory for these online applications. The resulting book, Remote Collaboration, Virtual Conferences, The Future of Work, shows how new tools, including VR and AR, can solve the problem of being together when we have to stay apart.

Praise from Jay Samit:

“As society faces the biggest global disruption in over a century, Charlie Fink and a team of renown collaborators have written the perfect how-to book for the post-pandemic business world. Remote Collaboration, Virtual Conferences, and The Future of Work is a dive deep into the tools and trends to make today’s digital natives thrive now that telecommuting and social distancing has become mainstream.” Jay Samit, Bestselling author of Disrupt You!

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